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Introduction to R&D Center

Wenling Xuri Rotational Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Rotomolding R & D Center is a national roaming and plastics research and development institution of "production, study and research". The R&D center has invited a team of experts led by Professor Yang Weimin, a well-known rotomolding expert in China. There are 4 experts and professors and 2 senior engineers. Name, 1 doctor, 3 postgraduate students, 6 undergraduate students, concentrating on rotomolding equipment, molds, materials and processing technology, as well as lightweight research and development of rotomolding boats and rotomolding car shells.

Since its establishment, the R&D center has carried out ANSYS finite element analysis of mechanical mechanics, thermal energy utilization, deformation and strength of plastic products, intelligent research of wireless in-mold temperature measurement system and rotational molding equipment, rapid prototyping manufacturing of rotomolding molds and rolling. The application of plastic technology in new fields has achieved fruitful results and won strong support from the state. It has applied for more than 40 patents and published 35 papers, providing solid technical support for the rotomolding industry and the company.

The R&D Center adheres to the tenet of serving the industry, serving customers and serving the company. We will do the research and development of the rotomolding process with the principle of doing things seriously and being practical. We will always help our friends at home and abroad to solve problems. We sincerely welcome scholars and experts who are interested in the development of the rotomolding industry to participate in the rotomolding R&D center of the company and build a world-class rotomolding research and development platform, so that the rotomolding molding process becomes the mainstay in the plastic processing technology.

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